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Community Mission- Our Hope for Gallup

Throughout the Scriptures, faith in God is woven together with gratitude and compassion.  Just as God has loved us and provided for us, we are called to love and provide for others.  Just as God's mercy and generosity have been poured out for our sake, we are to pour out mercy and generosity to others.  Real faith is active faith - whether that be in feeding hungry people, caring for those who have been wounded in body or spirit, working for reconciliation and peace between people in conflict, or speaking truth to power in order to overcome systems of injustice.  To follow Christ Jesus is to make an offering of our own lives that others may have life in abundance as well.


The members and friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church serve in our community in a wide variety of ways.  Many are teachers, or medical personnel, or business owners, or employees of a wide variety of service companies.  We make Christ known in our daily lives as we treat people with the love of Christ, showing patience, kindness, humility, and the Servant's heart.  We also make Christ known through the life of our church in special service projects, and by supporting healing and sustaining efforts in Gallup and in the wider world.


Please take a moment to see some of the ways we are currently involved with ministry and mission, and let the contact person(s) know what gifts you have to give in service.  Thank you!

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