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Why apps are needed

The practice report must contain at least one appendix. Applications help to show the student his progress in the enterprise. Thanks to them, you can not paint all the activities of the enterprise, describe your work, you just need to attach reports, surveys, photographs, tables that clearly display all the work. Such documents help to most clearly present the completed tasks to the manager, which means that it will be much easier to evaluate them by using hired writers on the write my paper global company .

Rules for designing applications in the practice report

Applications in the practice report are drawn up according to the same rules as applications in term papers and diploma theses.

Recall the basic requirements for the design of applications:

  • the numbering of attachments depends on how you insert them into the report. If the application is a continuation of the report, then the numbering continues the main one; if the applications are nested in a separate folder, then you need to start a new numbering;

  • in the main text there should be links to appendices;

  • each new application starts on a new page;

  • applications must be specified in the content of the report;

When preparing a report, do not forget to use methodology and the university's guidelines in order to get competent work and an excellent mark for your work. Practice reports to order with correctly designed applications on service with the professional experts in their field!

Undergraduate practice - how to write a report, an example of design Pre-diploma practice is an obligatory part of the educational process and an effective form of preparing a specialist for future work. Its main task is to prepare the student for:

  • writing a graduation project by studying and selecting the necessary information and materials on the subject of the thesis;

  • participation in technological, design and research developments of the organization;

  • familiarization with the activities of the enterprise and its main divisions.

This practice is managed by two leaders - from the enterprise and the university or by The head of the institute is directly the head of the diploma, which determines the specific goals and topics of undergraduate practice, guided by the topic of the diploma. Therefore, the passage of practice without a pre-designated topic of the thesis is impossible.

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